[U-Boot-Users] TFTP times out?

Eckart Goehler E.Goehler at ifen.com
Thu Nov 10 08:59:35 CET 2005


Zhen Wang wrote:
> Hi wd,
>   Yeah, I've read relevant topics in DULG and then revised my 
> configuration header file as following:
> #define CONFIG_ETHADDR            00:50:c2:1e:af:fb
> #define CONFIG_NETMASK  
> #define CONFIG_IPADDR  
> #define CONFIG_BOOTFILE            "zImage"
> #define CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND        "tftpboot\; go 0c480000"
> #define CFG_LOAD_ADDR            0x0c480000
>   I'm running Fedora Core 4 on my PC. I've got the tftp-server rpm 
> installed, iptables turned off, tftp service enabled and xinetd 
> restarted, zImage copied under the /tftpboot/ directory. But after 5 sec 
> boot delay the TFTP seemed to time out like this:
> TFTP from server; out IP is
> Filename: 'zImage'
> Load address: 0xc480000
> Loading: T T # # T # T T (omitted)
> Retry count exceeded; starting again
> Then I interrupted the command and tried to ping my PC:
> jx44b0>ping
> host is alive

That looks rather like a server problem (possibly firewall). You should 
try to run tftp from either the server itself, or - better - from a 
separate computer. Actually I faced same problems on a RedHat machine
till xinietd was set up properly.



> I think the network condition is OK, but the TFTP always times out. I 
> want to configure a longer timeout value for TFTP but don't know where. 
> Waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot.
> Best regards,
> Zhen Wang

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