[U-Boot-Users] examples solved

John Davis davisjf at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 15:47:44 CET 2005


Thanks for the tip Wolfgang. I had looked at the page in the Readme file,
but looking at it again caused me to notice that they are using the .bin
file and the go address is one word past the load address.

Many thanks.

=> loadb 40000
<kermit stuff snipped>
## Total Size = 0x00010300 = 66304 Bytes
## Start Addr = 0x00040000
=> go 40004
## Starting application at 0x00040004 ...
Example expects ABI version 2
Actual U-Boot ABI version 2
Hello World
argc = 1
argv[0] = "40004"
argv[1] = "<NULL>"
Hit any key to exit ...

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