[U-Boot-Users] IO access in U-BOOT

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Nov 29 10:50:56 CET 2005

In message <OF301B3B63.E25B41D2-ON482570C8.002F5342 at com> you wrote:
> aGkgdGVycnkNCg0KPmhpLA0KPg0KPkkgdXNlIHRoZSBBUk05MjZlanMsIGl0IG5lZWQgc2V0IHRo
> ZSBJL08gYXMgaW5wdXQsIG91dHB1dCBvciBvdGhlcg0KPnN0YXR1cy4gQWxzbyBpdCBuZWVkIHJl
> YWQgdGhlIEkvTyBwb3J0LkFuZCAiYWxsIElPIGlzIG1lbW9yeSBtYXBwZWQiLg0KPkluIHUtYm9v
> dCBob3cgdG8gc3VwcG9ydCB0aGlzLCB3aGVyZSB0byBjb25maWd1cmUgaXQsIG9yIGl0IG5lZWQg
> d3JpdGUNCj5ieSBteXNlbGYuDQo+DQpJbiBjb252ZW50aW9uIHUtYm9vdCBkbyBpdCBpbiBjcHUv
> PHlvdSBjcHUgaWQ+L3N0YXJ0LlMNCg0KCQkJYmVzdCByZWdhcmRzDQoNCgkJCQkgDQqhoaGhoaGh
> oaGhoaGhoaGhssy2sA0KoaGhoaGhoaGhoaGhoaGhoWNhaWRvbmdAa2VkYWNvbS5jb20NCqGhoaGh
> oaGhoaGhoaGhoaGhoaGhMjAwNS0xMS0yOQ0KDQo=

Grrrghhhh .... posting nonsense, and then base64 encoded, too!

Please do not send base 64 encoded messages.

Please send plain text only.

>I use the ARM926ejs, it need set the I/O as input, output or other
>status. Also it need read the I/O port.And "all IO is memory mapped".
>In u-boot how to support this, where to configure it, or it need write
>by myself.
In convention u-boot do it in cpu/<you cpu id>/start.S

NO!!!! *Never* place any board dependent code in any files in cpu/  -
such code obviously belongs to your board-specific code in board/

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