[U-Boot-Users] U-boot suppoorts VPN?

Richard Klingler richard at uclinux.net
Tue Nov 29 18:20:26 CET 2005

lauren73 (sent by Nabble.com) wrote:
> Thanks a lot! I am sorry for confusing you.
> But the fact is that the 2 boards are connected as the following 
> drawing. The hardware is designed as this. I need to download kernel for 
> board 2 from hard drive of board 1. Usually switch cannot talk to switch 
> without bridge or router. So in this case I think I need VPN in order to 
> download the kernel using tftp.

I think you are mixing VLANs with VPNs here (o;

Yes..switches don't talk to each other usually but can be connected
together without problems...they just forward packets and don't care
about IP addresses (mostly ;o).

Just make sure the source/destination IP addresses are within
same subnet..that's all...

Otherwise I would suggest some TCP/IP reading material first..

best regards

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