[U-Boot-Users] Port U-Boot to SBC-2410X

luo.jinhua luo.jinhua at gd-linux.com
Thu Sep 1 03:40:07 CEST 2005

Thank for your reply. 

I am sorry that I make some confusion between "xterm" and "shell" (By the way,
my english is so poor). In fact, hush in U-Boot calls function "readline"
(like that bash may use GNU readline library) to handle I/O and implement
terminal-extension, right? While terminal (usually serial driver in U-Boot) is
a minimal subset to drive I/O devices, readline can do more like command
history expansion and cmdline editing. My patch just modifys "readline"
function to use vivi's extension codes, which also means that it just consider
one line not a complete hush sentence (like "if...then...fi") as one history
item. However, I think, it is useful enough.

About the nand subsystem, I am glad to hear that there exists one fresh driver
branch. It makes sense to every user, I think. Because nor flash always works
as BOOT rom, while nand flash always works as DATA rom. In my embedded
project, I cannot do anything without a usable nand driver because the nor
flash chip is 1MB while the nand flash chip is 64MB on my board. Where to
place my kernel and the huge root filesystem? :-)

I will submit the three patches soon.

Best regards,


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