[U-Boot-Users] U-boot port issue on a MPC8280 Custom board

Srivatsan CR Srivatsan.CR at in.flextronics.com
Fri Sep 2 13:48:43 CEST 2005

 Dear all,

      1) We have a custom designed MPC8280 board. We have brought up the
board using BDi2000 ofcourse after a long 
         struggle. :-) 
      2) We are trying to bringup the board with u-boot.
      3) We are using 2 Micron Flash devices MT28F128J3 so total size is 32
MB. Also our system clock is 83.3 Mhz.
         Our flash device has a 125ns/25nsec read access time.
      4) Our initial boot space as configured in Bdi is 0xfff00100. Our
flash base address is 0xfe000000. 12 clock cycle
         is configured for system clock cycle.
      5) In u-boot erase and write time-out are configured for 5000 and 5000
      6) While we try to debug the code using gdb, the program stops at
0xfff10108. This address is inside ListInserItem.
      7) Before u-boot executes, there was data in 0xfff10108 but after it
executes, the flash displays the status of the 
         commands (flash specific commands for writing/erasing). When we
write the following command in bdi:

                 mm 0xfe000000 0xffffffff

          the flash displays the normal data. That means u-boot data is
available from 0xfe000000 but at 0xfff00000 we are 
          seeing all F's but at 0xfff10108 alone we see in the following
manner. Something is trying to do a flash erase 
          and that is causing the problem.

           0xfff10108 0000ffff
      8) From Bdi2000, the stepping happens fine. Atleast it not going till
board_init_f, cpu_init_f yes. 

          My problem is doing debugging from GDB :
          Why is data at 0xfff00000 gets erased ? And also why is the
command given incomplete ?

          Hope somebody will help me solve the issue. I can send the map
file if somebody needs it. I don't have any 
          special logging or console buffer enabled. Even ethernet code is
disabled. Only serial is enabled on SMC1.

With Thanks and Regards,

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