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luo.jinhua luo.jinhua at gd-linux.com
Tue Sep 6 03:44:41 CEST 2005

Hi, Wolfgang.

How about my 3 patches? I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

By the way, SBC-2410X board is made by friendly-arm, a chinese corporation. 
Here is a manual webpage for SBC-2410X (in Chinese):

Recently, I am working on making U-Boot boot from nand on SBC-2410X board. Do
you think it is meaningful? In my opinion, nand flash has at least advantages
1. nand flash is cheaper than nor flash.
2. nand flash is bigger than nor flash in size.
We can boot from nand flash, meanwhile it serves as data rom too. Nor flash
seems redundancy on the board.

Of course, nor flash is popular yet. No wonder that U-Boot considers nor flash
as boot rom by default. But, why SAMSUNG's S3C2410X owns builtin "boot from
nand" function? It hints.

"Recently, a NOR flash memory gets high in price while an SDRAM and a NAND
flash memory get moderate,
motivating some users to execute the boot code on a NAND flash and execute the
main code on an SDRAM.

S3C2410X boot code can be executed on an external NAND flash memory. In order
to support NAND flash boot
loader, the S3C2410X is equipped with an internal SRAM buffer called
‘Steppingstone’. When booting, the first 4
KBytes of the NAND flash memory will be loaded into Steppingstone and the boot
code loaded into
Steppingstone will be executed."

--quoted from S3C2410X's datasheet.

Correspondingly, YAFFS, a NAND-flash friendly filing system, will be a good
choice to be added into U-Boot.
More detail:

Best regards,

JinHua Luo, GuangDong Linux Center, <luo.jinhua at gd-linux.com>

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