[U-Boot-Users] Issues with U-boot port

Srivatsan CR Srivatsan.CR at in.flextronics.com
Wed Sep 7 13:24:56 CEST 2005

Hi all,

1) We have a custom board based on MPC8280 processor. U-boot flash part is
running properly on the board, even relocation is happening. This was
confirmed by seeing the copied data from flash to RAM. But after printing
the RAM size on the serial console u-boot is not proceeding. The system
2) If I try to switch on the DEBUG flag in the config.mk, my hardware is
getting continuous reset. It is doing so because of getting some wrong
addressing while executing init_debug module in start.S. Is point 1 and 2
related ? Also my printfs do not work.
3) Even when I do a debug using GDB I face a problem as stated in 2). In 2
and 3 what we see is that flash gets into command mode and whenever we use
BDi2000 to display the flash area, we see that flash is in command mode and
is displaying the status of the last command (Possible reason for a reset).
We have to write 0xffffffff manually to make it come out of the command mode
. We use a micron Flash compatible with Intel strata flash. MT28F128J3. 
(P.S : we have commented out the flash initialization part)

Thanking you all.

With Regards,

(P.S : please excuse me if this mail reaches in HTML format, I have selected
text mode here. I am not sure whats the problem. Excuse me).

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