[U-Boot-Users] Re: booting u-boot from internal flash on M5282EVB

David Peters davidp at matrixpd.com
Wed Sep 7 14:40:14 CEST 2005

> the original EVB implementation doen't support this. But you can use my
> patches
> MCF5282 without reloader
> news://news.gmane.org:119/42F75DFA.80002@bus-elektronik.de
> and
> New Board (EB+MCF-EV123 based on Frescale MCF5282)
> news://news.gmane.org:119/42F75E25.2040301@bus-elektronik.de
> to implement this.
> The EB+MCF-EV123 Board can boot from internale and externel FLASH.
> For details please read the code.
> regards Jens
> David Peters schrieb:
> > I'm struggling trying to get U-Boot to boot from the internal flash of
> the
> > M5282EVB.  Can anyone get me going in the right direction?

Where do patches get put when they are uploaded?  I've searched around
SourceForge and haven't found anything.

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