[U-Boot-Users] flash_info structure and large Flash chips

Alexander Perkalskite aperkals at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 17:17:39 CEST 2005

Dear users,
I'm porting the u-boot 1.1.2 to our hardware which has two banks of AM29LV256 chips (32M, 512 sectors x 64K each). So I have the following #defines:
Now I'm crashing in function flash_init() before calling flash_get_size(). My assumption is that the data structure flash_info[] has become too big, in disassembly I see the following:
0xfff38258 <flash_info+3664>:   .long 0x0
0xfff3825c <flash_info+3668>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38260 <flash_info+3672>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38264 <flash_info+3676>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38268 <flash_info+3680>:   .long 0x0
0xfff3826c <flash_info+3684>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38270 <flash_info+3688>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38274 <flash_info+3692>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38278 <flash_info+3696>:   .long 0x0
0xfff3827c <flash_info+3700>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38280 <flash_info+3704>:   .long 0x0
0xfff38284 <_SDA_BASE_>:        .long 0x0
0xfff38288 <_SDA_BASE_+4>:      .long 0x0
0xfff3828c <_SDA_BASE_+8>:      .long 0x0
0xfff38290 <_SDA_BASE_+12>:     .long 0x0
0xfff38294 <_SDA_BASE_+16>:     .long 0x0
0xfff38298 <_SDA_BASE_+20>:     .long 0x0
0xfff3829c <_SDA_BASE_+24>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382a0 <_SDA_BASE_+28>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382a4 <_SDA_BASE_+32>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382a8 <_SDA_BASE_+36>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382ac <_SDA_BASE_+40>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382b0 <_SDA_BASE_+44>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382b4 <_SDA2_BASE_>:       .long 0x0
0xfff382b8 <_SDA2_BASE_+4>:     .long 0x0
0xfff382bc <_SDA2_BASE_+8>:     .long 0x0
Does it look as an overlap? How can I overcome this?
Thanks in advance,
Alexander Perkalskite.

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