[U-Boot-Users] Reset doesn't work on the 440EP Bamboo reference board

Youngchul Bang (방영철) youngchul at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 06:30:58 CEST 2005


I have been trying to get U-Boot and Linux running on the AMCC 440EP
"Bamboo" reference board.  Most U-Boot commands are working.  However,
I've got problems about reset command and switch.

First, reset command does not work except after cp.b command performed
(i.e. cp.b 100000 fff80000 80000).  I don't know why it works well
after cp.b command.  Reboot command in Linux doesn't work neither. 
U-Boot version is 1.1.3 and Linux kernel is 2.6.13.  Is it related to
the same reason?

Second, the reset switch does not work.  I've been confirmed that
SYSTEM_RESET line is getting pulled down when I push the reset switch.

When I try to get PIBS instead of U-Boot on the same board, the above
problems haven't happened.

Had the problems been discussed before in this list?  I can't find any
of conversations about them.  If so, give me the url please.

Let me know how to fix them up.

Thanks in advance,

Youngchul Bang

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