[U-Boot-Users] ATI Radeon M6-C16h for PPC 440GX

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Sep 19 15:04:16 CEST 2005

In message <000401c5bcfa$42609940$8700a8c0 at SN7855> you wrote:
> i´m using on my custom board with PPC 440GX a ATI M6 Mobility Radeon with
> kernel 2.6.12.
> Now i have to initialize the ati and configure the kernel to support it.
> I don´t have the BIOS of ATI for PPC and i like to simulate this BIOS with
> U-boot. How can i configure the U-boot for ATI to initialize or how can i
> write the programm for ATI- EEPROM BIOS?

This is somewhat off topic here. We  don't  deal  with  internals  of
graphics adapter code.

> must i install a XF86-Simulator on my board?

You can try enabling the x86 emulator that comesincluded with  U-Boot
and  use  this  to run the x86 BIOS code on the card like it was done
for the AmigaOne board.

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