[U-Boot-Users] My 3 patches

luo.jinhua luo.jinhua at gd-linux.com
Wed Sep 21 11:18:47 CEST 2005

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 18:36:09 +0800, Bryan Wu wrote
> Hi:
> I applied your patch my U-Boot. But I found one bug in this patch
> in cread_line() function, you should return the number of read characters.
> You return the "rc" at the end of the function, but rc always equals 
> 0. The u-boot command will NOT be executed.
> I modified the to return (eol_num). It is ok.
> You can check it.
> Bryan Wu from China.
Thank you.

It is indeed a bug. However, while I always use CFG_HUSH_PARSER, the hush
engine ignores the "rc" retval and recalculates the console_buffer length,
which make me miss the bug.

Best regards,
JinHua Luo, GuangDong Linux Center, <luo.jinhua at gd-linux.com>

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