[U-Boot-Users] AT91RM9200 Bits...

Joe Grisso jgrisso at det3.net
Fri Sep 23 20:21:55 CEST 2005

Hello all,

     I was wondering who was working on the AT91RM9200 bits within the
U-Boot CVS tree? I'm currently bringing up a new hardware platform
and see where pieces could be streamlined. Some with code changes to
the lowlevel_init.S file, and some with just simple variable changes.
Going over the register init routine I found 3 registers that are
written to (MC_PUIA, MC_PUP, MC_PUER) that are shown as reserved on
the RM9200 datasheet and errata. Also, there's a definition to the
SMC2_CSR which the atmel datasheet shows as SMC_CSR0. Bringing a lot
of these #defines and whatnot in line with the datasheet would help
folks that are new to U-Boot porting navigate everything easier. :-)

Best Regards,

Joe Grisso
Detachment 3 Media, Ltd.

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