[U-Boot-Users] Fail Safe: Redundant U-boot Images in Flash??? ?

Frank frannk_m1 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 23 21:40:20 CEST 2005

--- "Roberts, John" <john.e.roberts at siemens.com> wrote:

> >It is impossible - there is only one reset entry point.
> >How would you determine which image to boot?
> >What you typically do (assuming the hardware supports it) is
> to  have
> >two  banks  of  flash memory that can be swapped using some
> jumper or
> >switch or so.
> The code at the entry point needs to be small, reliable and
> never require an
> upgrade in the field. This code would run a CRC on the primary
> U-boot image
> to determine if it's safe to boot, upon CRC failure verify
> then run the
> backup image.
> For remote systems we need to resolve the issue of upgrade
> failure without
> human intervention - or perhaps remote human intervention. 
> -John Roberts  (Engineer, not Judge)

So what happens if the CRC is correct, but the new image has a
bug (functional ?) in it....
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