[U-Boot-Users] [patch] MIPS: AMD Alchemy au1x00 ethernet initialization in cpu/mips/au1x00_eth.c

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Sep 25 16:52:25 CEST 2005

In message <BBB228F72FF00E4390479AC295FF4B350DE8B6 at FOOTHILL.iad.idealab.com> you wrote:
> On u-boot bootloader 1.1.2 on AMD Alchemy Au1x00:
> The au1x00_mac.c assumes that ethernet transmit always starts with
> transmit buffer 0.  This is not necessarily true (in the event of a warm
> reboot).
> This little patch fixes that and prevents (reduces?) transmit timeouts
> that you might see when you're repeatedly warm-rebooting your board
> during development.

A different fix has been chacked in recently. Please have a look  and
chek if it's ok with you, too.

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