[U-Boot-Users] lubbock patch: ram, flash, ethernet

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Sep 26 00:30:25 CEST 2005

In message <200503101821.10934.david-b at pacbell.net> you wrote:
> This patch has three fixes to the Lubbock (PXA 25x) support:
>     * Resolve the FIXME with respect to saving the u-boot environment.
>       It uses the second sector; default bootcommand now uses the third.
>     * Make the default load address land in real memory:  32KB past
>       start of RAM, as recommended by Linux 2.6 ARM booting docs.
>     * Fix lan91c96 SMC_{in,out}{b,w,l}() macros:
>          - The address fixups (SMC A0..A9 == PXA A2..A11) were wrong
> 	   for bytewise access on Lubbock ... and inappropriate on most
> 	   other platforms.  This uses a new SMC_IO_SHIFT #define, just
> 	   like the Linux 2.6 smc91x driver.
>          - Evil unparenthesized references to macro parameters are gone.

Added, thanks. But please provide a proper CHANGELOG entry next time.

Best regards,

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