[U-Boot-Users] RE: -allow_branch_to_undefined on mipsel-linux-as > 2.15

Tim Braun tim.braun at librestream.com
Tue Sep 27 23:06:22 CEST 2005

> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] -allow_branch_to_undefined on mipsel-linux-as
> 2.15

> I'd like to know if someone are using mipsel-linux-as version greater
> than 2.15 to compile u-boot. This version of binutils seems not
> compatible with mipsel-linux-gcc 3.4.3 or newer.
> Option "-allow_branch_to_undefined" is still needed on binutils newer
> than 2.15?

Hello, Rodolfo.

I have been using mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc 3.4.2 with binutils, and I have no
-allow_branch_to_undefined in this toolchain.  I patched
cpu/mips/start.S to set up the GOT
gp earlier, and used jal instructions to get to memsetup and the other
subroutines called there.

I also had to do a runtime calculation of the GOT offset.  I don't have
a clean patch right now.

I also have a driver for the SMSC LAN911x ethernet interface to

Tim Braun, Sr. Des. Eng.
LibreStream Technologies
200-55 Rothwell Rd.
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