[U-Boot-Users] Howto store kernel in AT91 flash

Peter Menzebach pm-ub at mw-itcon.de
Thu Sep 29 11:04:56 CEST 2005

kentropy wrote:
> Using AT91rm9200DK and u-boot 1.1.3 I wonder how can I store uImage and ramdisk into flash memory avoiding to load them from tftp server each time.
> Could someone provide me a simple example of u-boot commands and parameters or a link ?

The parallel flash is 2 Mb. Here you can store u-boot and a linux kernel 
as written in the u-boot manual. For a root fs, the space is not very big...

Another possibility is, to use the serial dataflash for everything, 
which is 8Mb. This procedure seems to be unsupported by u-boot, since it 
copies u-boot from serial dataflash to RAM and starts it, but it works 
for me. Initialization of processor and RAM ist done in this case by a 
pre-bootloader (romboot).

The procedure is described here:

Best regards

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