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Sat Apr 1 00:20:18 CEST 2006

Hello list,

inside the automatic U-Boot patch tracking system a new ticket
[DNX#2006040142000384] was created:

> Attached the CHANGELOG entry for a larger patch that overhauls the ML300
> support in U-Boot. The patch is needed as a bug fix for several items 
> around IIC, System ACE CF, and Ethernet MAC that did not work or did not
> work properly. It is also a preparatory and required patch for 
> additional patches that I plan to submit shortly to add support for more
> Xilinx boards around Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-4 FX FPGAs. All 
> modifications in this patch affect the board/xilinx sub-directory and 
> include/configs/ml300.h only.
> The patch itself is too large to submit to the list (70k). It can be 
> found at
> ftp://customer:xilinx@ftp.xilinx.com/upload/ml300.2005-09-27.patch.txt.gz
> This area is cleaned out on a regular basis. If the patch should no 
> longer be available from this area send me an email and I will upload it
> again.
> The patch applies cleanly against the current CVS tree. It also does not
> generate any warnings during compilation and passes the "MAKEALL ppc" 
> test (there are errors, e.g. cpci5200, but I cannot see how they could 
> be caused by this patch).
> While most parts adhere to the coding style there are some pieces in the
> patch that do not comply 100%. These pieces are mostly in comments or in
> include files. I tried to clean this up over the past few days but 
> constantly broke something more important (i.e. code and compilation). I
> hope this patch can be applied to the CVS tree as is. If so, I plan to 
> submit one or multiple follow-up patches that will fix coding style
> issues.
> After the patch is applied, board/xilinx/ml300/sw_services with all its 
> files and sub-directories should be removed from the CVS tree. This 
> directory has been moved up to board/xilinx/sw_services as it is not 
> specific to the ML300 board and will be reused for other Xilinx boards.
> Attached is a second small patch (cm.patch) with changes to the 
> MAINTAINERS and CREDITS file. I hope that's okay.
> - Peter

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