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Sat Apr 1 00:20:23 CEST 2006

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> Hello Wolfgang,
> This patch adds full support for parameter area relocation on MPC8xx. 
> This is needed if you want to simultaneously use devices that have 
> overlapping parameter areas, such as SCC1/I2C, SCC2/SPI, SCC3/SMC1, 
> SCC4/SMC2 (SCCx should be in Ethernet mode). The details are in 
> doc/README.mpc8xx_upatch.
> Both ROM-based relocation solution and microcode patch are supported. 
> Selection is automatic.
> In addition to that, this patch contains some minor enhancements for 
> MPC8xx SPI driver and "sspi" command, which were kind of difficult to 
> separate (I had to do everything together in order to be able to test
> it).
> Changelog entry
> * Added support for I2C, SPI and SMC parameter area relocation on MPC8xx
> * Modified MPC8xx SPI driver to make it compatible with sspi command
> * Minor enhanements to "sspi" command for better compatibility with 
> "eeprom" command
>    Patch by Vladimir Gurevich <vag at paulidav.org>
> Thanks,
> Vladimir

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