[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] objcopy for srec and bin files should be done on .o files

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Apr 5 23:04:04 CEST 2006

In message <20060405185908.GW27792 at bork.org> you wrote:
> > Plewase explain what "fails for me  means"  (error  message(s),  used
> > toolchain and versions of the binutils, host environment etc.).
> mort at descartes:~/src/targa/u-boot2$ make ASH405_config CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-405-linux-gnu-
> Configuring for ASH405 board...
> mort at descartes:~/src/targa/u-boot2$ make CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-405-linux-gnu-
> [snip]
> powerpc-405-linux-gnu-gcc -g  -Os   -fPIC -ffixed-r14 -meabi -fno-strict-aliasing -D__KERNEL__ -DTEXT_BASE=0xFFFC0000 -I/home/mort/src/targa/u-boot2/include -fno-builtin -ffreestanding -nostdinc -isystem /home/mort/src/targa/powerpc-linux/gcc-3.4.5-glibc-2.3.6/powerpc-405-linux-gnu/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-405-linux-gnu/3.4.5/include -pipe  -DCONFIG_PPC -D__powerpc__ -DCONFIG_4xx -ffixed-r2 -ffixed-r29 -mstring -Wa,-m405 -mcpu=405 -msoft-float -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -c -o stubs.o stubs.c
> powerpc-405-linux-gnu-ar crv libstubs.a  ppc_longjmp.o ppc_setjmp.o stubs.o
> r - ppc_longjmp.o
> r - ppc_setjmp.o
> r - stubs.o
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `hello_world.srec', needed by `all'.  Stop.

SSounds as if your Makefile  is  corrupted.  Of  course  there  is  a
hello_world.srec target in it. Or your version of "make" is broken...

> That's your git HEAD.  The problem is also present at the 1.1.4 tag.
> I"m not actually using the ASH405, but I just used it as an example...

Me too. Works perfectly fine here:

-> ./MAKEALL ASH405       
Configuring for ASH405 board...
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
 189384    9768   37456  236608   39c40 u-boot

No errors, no warnings.

> The compiler is a gcc-3.4.5/binutils-2.15 (and glibc-2.3.6) x86->ppc405
> cross compiler built by crosstools-0.42

Well, this is IMHO a toolchain problem. The  code  builds  fine  with
ELDK  3.x  (GC-3.3.3  /  binutils  2.14)  and  ELDK  4.x (GCC-4.0.0 /
binutils 2.16.1).

I think I reject your patch.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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