[U-Boot-Users] BDI vs. Lauterbach

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Mon Apr 10 15:02:20 CEST 2006

At the U-boot level I don't know that their should be a huge
differentiator.  When you get to the OS level depending on the type of
work you are doing having a bit tighter integration with the Linux
kernel probably can be more help (context switch awareness and symbol
context switching being something very useful).

I generally use a Lauterbach when I can as I'm familiar with it and it
has been stable and highly useful faster than alternatives.  Also as it
matures many if not all of the internal registers get mapped into the
debugger. I find ETB/ETM to be very useful in debugging low level code.
Being able to step bi-directionally in C or ASM at an exception point
makes things much easier.

LB does have an OS aware layer which I use at times.  It can give you ps
in various formats and access the /proc structure.  More things then
I'll enumerate here.

Richard W.

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> G'Day,
> I've been looking at a few of the posts regarding debugging tools,
> and the standard answer on this list appears to be "Get a BDI2000".
> I'm presently looking at getting a debugger to use to bring up a new
> board, get U-Boot going, and eventually do a lot of OS work (a new OS
> that we're developing - see http://www.ertos.nicta.com.au -- sorry,
> shameless plug).
> Some people that we are working with use the Lauterbach Trace32 tools
> extensively, and we've had some good experiences with them. I was
> wondering if anyone on this list had used both (particularly while
> developing U-Boot), and how the BDI-2000 stacks up against the
> Lauterbach equivalent. (Apart from being significantly cheaper).
> Any insights much appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> David Snowdon,
> Research Engineer,
> National ICT Australia,
> http://www.ertos.nicta.com.au
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