[U-Boot-Users] BDI vs. Lauterbach

Marco Cavallini arm.linux at koansoftware.com
Mon Apr 10 19:00:43 CEST 2006

> Pros:
>      BDI - 10Mbit eth, Lauterbach - 100 Mbit.
>      Lauterbach scalable and simply extendable, BDI - not.

Lauterbach is the best choiche for both Linux and WinCE targets.
Lauterbach have *excellent*  support too.

> Cons:
>      BDI support gnu toolchain natively (in GDB server mode),
>      Lauterbach - not (sometime it parsing elf/dwarf correctly,
>      sometime, usually in critical cases :), not).
>      And you are know, hmm, strange Lauterbach price policy:
>      price of BDI firmware for a new CPU target is approx. 1000 eur,
>      for the Lauterbach - price of new device.

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