[U-Boot-Users] MII PHY driver for MPC8541's FCC

Stephen Cheng stcheng at celestica.com
Mon Apr 17 10:44:04 CEST 2006

Hello, all my friends,

I am working on porting U-boot to an MPC8541 board.
MPC8541 has 2 TSEC and 2 FCC, an issue is that it only has a single SMI 
master controller. 
This SMI interface is introduced and illustrated in TSEC chapter of 
MPC8541 reference manual, while in FCC chapter it is recommended that 
using GPIO to implement the SMI feature.

In our design, we connect both PHY chips (88E1111s and LXT973) to this 
single SMI interface, we have discussed and believe that this will work.
I know if we use GPIO for FCC to connect with LXT973, I can use bit-bang 
mii driver(define CONFIG_BITBANGMII), however, I cannot find code in 
U-boot to implement our current scheme. Mii driver routines in tsec.c 
seems only designed for TSEC device.

Do I need to write a mii_phy driver for such a scheme?

Thanks for your attention,

Best Regards,
Stephen Cheng
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