[U-Boot-Users] U-boot on rattler8248 - does not quite run for me

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Apr 21 00:15:38 CEST 2006

In message <CC3927BD446D8240AE6041EA3AB77EDF023513C7 at ES20SNLNT.srn.sandia.gov> you wrote:
> I want to deliver a new custom computer board with Das U-boot installed.
> The board is based on the Freescale MPC8248 and so I am starting with
> the Rattler8248 eval board from Analogue Micro. I thought it would be a
> snap to get u-boot running on that board and then I could port it to my

Welcome back to reality.

> So far I have not succeeded in running u-boot on the Rattler8248. I
> built the u-boot flash image from the 1.1.4 source and burned it into
> flash with the bdi2000.  It starts to print out part of the splash
> screen and then stops responding to the console. I check the program

What exactly do you mean by "console"? You mention  "splash  screen",
so  there  is probably some graphics device? Where *is* your console?
On the serial port? On the LCD?

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STOP posting HTML here!

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