[U-Boot-Users] Redundant environment expected behavior vs current

Randy Smith rsmith at imagemap.com
Wed Apr 26 14:32:10 CEST 2006

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <444EC5F1.10205 at orkun.us> you wrote:
>> time U-Boot will switch to the second copy but second copy does not have 
>> the latest stuff we put/modified because we did not sync them.
> If theis is your concern, then sync it.  Nothing  prevents  you  from
> doing this.
>>>> environment after one copy is written might not save us in certain 
>>>> situations.
>>> Which are?
>> Say, I am booting one of the two kernels/initrd in flash. Or NFS booting 
>> from a different IP etc. Supplying a different kernel command line.
> How  would  this  corrupt  an  already  stored  and  write  protected
> environment sector?

I am new to this but it seems that once we successfully write the 
environment and protect it, how does (should) one go about writing that 
same environment to the redundant sector?  Is it done with saveenv if 
the redundant environment is enabled?  I guess I need to go look at the 

-Randy Smith

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