[U-Boot-Users] quit unclear code in cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200/ether.c Line:220

Marco Cavallini arm.linux at koansoftware.com
Thu Apr 27 17:23:17 CEST 2006

Udo Jakobza ha scritto:
 > Hello,
 > inside of arm_init() in the part:
 > /* MII management start from here */
 > if (!(p_mac->EMAC_SR & AT91C_EMAC_LINK)) {
 > 		if (!(ret = PhyOps.Init (p_mac))) {
 > 			printf ("MAC: error during MII initialization\n");
 > 			return 0;
 > 		}
 > 	}
 > the software checks the status of a LINK-Bit. I thing the EMAC_SR 
register is wrong, because the EMAC_ISR has this valid LINK bit
 > (AT91C_EMAC_LINK on bit 9).
 > Did anybody find this problem?
 > If not, so I will check it with our hardware and then I will prepare 
a patch.

You are right.
I am facing to this annoying error message too
"MAC: error during MII initialization"
when forcing the MAC adress into u-boot if I do not u-boot networking.

A patch will be greatly appreciated ;-)
Thank you
Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Bergamo - ITALIA
Embedded and Real-Time Software Engineering
www.koansoftware.com    |    www.klinux.org

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