[U-Boot-Users] Colilo integration...

Jeremy C. Andrus lists-uboot at jeremya.com
Mon Dec 4 05:12:54 CET 2006


A few years ago I contributed a port of colilo to the Motorola/Freescale 
MCF5249. Recently I downloaded the latest U-Boot ditribution for use in 
another project (colilo seems to have disappeared), and I noticed a few 
of my own comments in the following two files:


It appears as though this project absorbed some of the colilo code 
(probably a while ago). I don't usually like to be this picky, but I 
was wondering if I could get my name added to the CREDITS file as such:

	N: Jeremy C. Andrus
	E: jeremy at jeremya.com
	D: MCF5249 initialization code 

Sorry to be pedantic...


Jeremy C. Andrus

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