[U-Boot-Users] Breakage of board ports on new features.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Dec 5 16:35:13 CET 2006

In message <F245C92A-F4A7-40AF-A73B-EB453262CB55 at kernel.crashing.org> you wrote:
> Ok, but I think the several of the boards are capable of running with  
> all flavors of MPC834x what do we do for them?  I know the MDS is and  
> I'm questing TQM834x is as well?

I think so, but I cannot answer the before I've seen what TQ does  on
the TQM8347 :-(

> I understand the desire, I just feel that it doesn't add anything  
> because we've done a decent job of making the differences between  
> them covered by feature configs.

As Tolunay explained: it's for consistency with existing boards.  And
I  really  think it does not hurt ao much to have both CONFIG_MPC834X
and CONFIG_MPC8349 in the board config file if this is  a  8349  only
board,  even  if  CONFIG_MPC8349 should never be used anywhere in the

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