[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Add support for AT91RM9200 NAND (Smartmedia) controller

Frank Mandarino fmandarino at endrelia.com
Wed Dec 6 18:50:42 CET 2006

The attached patch adds support for the AT91RM9200 NAND (Smartmedia)
controller, allowing use of the U-Boot NAND commands on AT91RM9200-based
boards which use NAND flash.

It uses four CFG parameters:

 CFG_NAND_BASE         - address of Smartmedia chip select (normally
 CFG_NAND_AT91_CLE_BIT - address bit number used to set CLE signal
 CFG_NAND_AT91_ALE_BIT - address bit number used to set ALE signal
 CFG_NAND_CHIP_DELAY   - command delay time in microseconds

I have been using this code for almost a year with no problems on our
custom AT91RM9200 board.  I believe it would be useful for others as the
popularity of NAND flash increases.

Frank Mandarino                                fmandarino(a)endrelia.com
Endrelia Technologies Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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