[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] 83xx: Put the version (and magic) after the HRCW.

Timur Tabi timur at freescale.com
Fri Dec 8 22:38:48 CET 2006

Jerry Van Baren wrote:

> I suspect your 8349E-mITX is configured to "boothigh" (BMS = 1, also 
> known as HRCWH_FROM_0XFFF00100) so the u-boot image starts at 0xFFF00000 
> rather than at the start of flash (nominally 0xFE000000).  In this case 
> you should find the magic and version string starting at 0xFFF00040.  Of 
> course, in the .bin/.srec/whatever file, it should be at offset 0x40.

Yes, that's correct.

> That is one of the advantages of "bootlow" - the HRCW from u-boot is 
> placed at the start of flash and thus is used.  With "boothigh" , the 
> HRCW that is part of u-boot is in the "wrong place" and thus is not 
> used.  (Another advantage of "bootlow" is that you don't have to 
> dedicate 1MB of flash for the u-boot image.)

The original code from our BSP had only boothigh, so that's how I left it.  I 
guess I should test lowboot as an option.

> Looking at include/configs/MPC8349ITX.h, if PCI_64BIT is defined it does 
> a lowboot, otherwise it does a highboot (which seems odd to me, but 
> people tell me I'm odd and the world is normal).

I've noticed that too, and I'm trying to get answer as to why.

> The "lowboot" patch is specific to the MPC8360EMDS, although it could be 
> copy and pasted into the MPC8349ITX configuration easily enough.

Ok, if it gets accepted, I'll port it to the 8349ITX.

Timur Tabi
Linux Kernel Developer @ Freescale

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