[U-Boot-Users] RTL8169 driver not work on PPC8241

Masami Komiya mkomiya at sonare.it
Wed Dec 13 07:51:12 CET 2006

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <457EDE2D.9030801 at sonare.it> you wrote:
>> Attached file is a new driver for RTL8169.
> Ummm... "new" driver is a bit strong given the fact that you changed
> less than 5 % of the lines in the driver.

Sorry, I made a mistake for the another driver.

> May I ask you to submit your changes as a proper patch,  with  expla-
> nations which problems you are fixing and why you change the code the
> way you change it?

Changes are:
1. Disable "wait for auto-negotiation process" in rtl_init()
    to reduce the setup time.
2. Delete TX/RX buffer copy to increase performance.
3. virt_to_bus() to phys_to_bus() for PPC user
4. Code clean up

Best regards,

Masami Komiya
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