[U-Boot-Users] 8560 based board: CPM I2C, 2 DDR slots

Dig Dis digdis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 16:59:30 CET 2006


I have two issues with my MPC8560 based board, which I'm not sure whether
they can be answered by the current U-boot:
1. All our I2C components (RTC, ID EEPROM, DDR EEPROM) are connected to the
8560 CPM I2C controller, and not to the 8560 I2C controller. As far as I've
seen, U-boot only supports the 8560 hardware I2C controller. Am I correct?
If so, it seems that I can port the 82xx I2C driver (which is CPM based) to
the 85xx without too much problems, and say add a CONFIG_CPM_I2C flag for
this. Do you know if there's any planned support for this before I go ahead
with this patch?
2. Our board can have up to two DDR modules, whose slots have different I2C
addresses. It seems that spd_sdram doesn't support this (as it only
addresses one preconfigured I2C address). Questions are the same: Is this
scenario supported in U-boot; If not - is there any planned support for it?
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