[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Proposed change to PL010 serial driver (fixed)

Robert Deliën robert.delien at nxp.com
Thu Dec 14 10:07:50 CET 2006


Thanks to the valuable review and feedback of Daniel Hobi I have now fixed
the macro in my earlier proposed patch for the PL010 serial port driver.
This fix increases round-off accuracy of the UART_PL010_BAUD2DIVISOR macro.

Below is my original comment for this patch:

I am currently cleaning up my patch that provides ADM5120 support in U-Boot.
But before submitting it I'd like to propose a change to the PL010 serial
port driver. As far as I know, the PL010 uart is mostly used in ARM based
SoCs. It's currently implemented for big endian only. The ADM5120 is MIPS
based and has two PL010 serial ports on board. Most of the targets using the
ADM5120 are configured for little endian mode.

The patch below replaces the IO_READ and IO_WRITE macros with the readl and
writel functions from asm/io.h, the designated functions for reading from
and writing to IO, swapping endianness if necessary.
It also replaces the various bitrate macros with one macro containing a
unified bitrate calculation formula, using the newly introduced
CFG_UART_PL010_CLOCK macro. The only other target using this serial port
driver is intergratorap.h. I have backward calculated the uart clock for
this target and added it to its configuration.

With kind regards,

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