[U-Boot-Users] 8555EP malloc trouble

Charles Krinke ckrinke at istor.com
Sun Dec 17 03:35:23 CET 2006

I'm trying to get the Embedded Planet 8555 board running with u-boot-1.1.6. It has been running with 1.1.4. The current issue seems to the the av_ arrays in dlmalloc.c. Somehow, the first element (av_[0]->prev_size is initialized with gd->reloc_off and not zero as I believe it should be.
Can someone tell me how or where any elements of the mbinptr array are manipulated before the calls to mem_malloc_init and malloc_bin_reloc in lib_ppc/board.c.
There must be some other subroutine writing into this memory array area and I need a bit more understanding of what routines from board_init_f before malloc_bin_reloc might be involved.

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