[U-Boot-Users] builtin OF tree dtb gone

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Dec 17 18:13:14 CET 2006

In message <009301c721f5$69b25ef0$1e67a8c0 at Jocke> you wrote:
> Ahh, found it. It is the addr2info check that relocates the OF tree.
> addr2info checks if an address is in flash, if so it will relocate it
> to lower RAM. But since I got my OF tree in high RAM that won't
> happen.
> The same would happen if one loaded a OF tree via tftp and placed
> it high up in RAM.
> I think that the addr2info check should be replaced with something
> else that will move the tree to a low enough address if needed.
> What would be a good test?

Probably the "initrd_high" code should be generalized here.

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