[U-Boot-Users] MPC8360E & Large DDR Capacities

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Tue Dec 19 00:26:18 CET 2006


After digging around it would seem that U-boot is resetting after the first
direct access to DDR memory. I placed a number of statements and installed a
'memory test' function. 

I think the DDR init is failing due to the udelay(200) function early in the
MPC8360E-MDS board files. The delay does not seem to be operational, so I
'think' the DDR gets enabled before the specked 200us delay that the MPC8360
manual requires.

Anyone have any ideas what might cause the udelay function to not 'delay' as
advertised. <My core clock is setup at 533 Mhz, but 200us should be will
within the non-overflow capability>.

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Russell McGuire wrote:
> Does anybody know if there are any issues with using DDR capacities above
> 256MB? I am attempting to use a 512MB DIMM at the moment, and am not sure
> I am getting a SDRAM init issue that is causing U-boot to continuously
> reset, 

It would be very helpful if you could narrow down the exact line of code
that is 
causing the reset.

Timur Tabi
Linux Kernel Developer @ Freescale

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