[U-Boot-Users] Problem with U-boot 1.1.6 on M5271EVB board

Marcotte Laurent laurent.marcotte at bodet.com
Wed Dec 20 16:18:03 CET 2006



I work on the M5271EVB board for the moment and I try to run U-boot.

The system is lost during the jump in ram.

It seems that the problem is in the cpu/mcf52x2/start.s file at this
lines :


             * fix got table in RAM


            move.l  %a0, %a1

            add.l     #(__got_start - CFG_MONITOR_BASE),%a1

            move.l  %a1,%a5                    /* * fix got pointer
register a5 */


            move.l  %a0, %a2

            add.l     #(__got_end - CFG_MONITOR_BASE),%a2


            move.l  (%a1),%d1

            sub.l     #_start,%d1

            add.l     %a0,%d1

            move.l  %d1,(%a1)+

            cmp.l    %a2, %a1

            bne       7b


If I put these lines on comment the system run in ram until the
initialisation of the flash and I have this message:


*** Unexpected exception ***

Vector Number: 11  Format: 04  Fault Status: 0


PC: 00000008    SR: 00002704    SP: 00f92e88

D0: 000000ff    D1: 00000008    D2: 00000000    D3: ffe00000

D4: 00ff9f24    D5: 00ffae00    D6: e7eea7b7    D7: 00fa2f90

A0: 00f92fa2    A1: 00000102    A2: ffe0a250    A3: ffe1c3e0

A4: 00000000    A5: 00ff9100    A6: 00000000


*** Please Reset Board! ***


I note that before this "Unexpected exception" the global variables are
on Flash (!) so the system can't run normally.


Can you help me ?







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