[U-Boot-Users] fsload questions

Charles Krinke ckrinke at istor.com
Fri Dec 22 01:33:13 CET 2006

Dear Wolfgang:

Our file system is a single Toshiba 256Mb NAND flash which has one
partition defined at the beginning (lowest address). 

It is a 16Mbyte flash partition consisting of a single file currently,
which is uImage. There should be no fragmentation at all as the flash
was formatted with 'flash_eraseall -j', then the kernel image was copied
to it. No other writes, rm's or copies were done. of 16Mbytes in size. 
Best regards,

We are using the MTD code in the released u-boot-1.1.6 tarball and it
does compile cleanly and runs ls, fsinfo and fsload, albeit there is a
two minute delay whenever it runs.

I am very puzzled why you are avoiding loading a Linux kernel image from
a JFFS2 file system. Is there some set of problems that are not obvious
that need to be addressed, or some incompatibility between U-Boot and
the MTD flash logic in Linux?

I have enabled debugging and I can see that the scanning of the jffs2
starts at the bottom (lowest address) and works its way up. I also
enabled debugging in the Linux kernel and can see that it starts at the
top (highest address) and works its way towards the bottom.

It is beginning to appear the time is spent mostly in U-boot working its
way from the bottom of the flash to the top of the flash to find the
file system one block at a time, which is what appears to be taking the
two minutes. Perhaps you could comment on this.


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