[U-Boot-Users] U-boot newbie: Bring-up issues on MPC8260 board

raghuveer.murthy at wipro.com raghuveer.murthy at wipro.com
Fri Dec 29 14:55:37 CET 2006

I am trying to bring u-boot up on a MPC8260 based board.
It stops after showing the following output:
U-Boot 1.1.4 (Dec 29 2006 - 18:31:04)
MPC8260 Reset Status: External Soft, External Hard
MPC8260 Clock Configuration
 - Bus-to-Core Mult 3x, VCO Div 2, 60x Bus Freq  33-100, Core Freq
 - dfbrg 0, corecnf 0x08, busdf 3, cpmdf 1, plldf 0, pllmf 1
 - vco_out  264000000, scc_clk   66000000, brg_clk   66000000
 - cpu_clk  198000000, cpm_clk  132000000, bus_clk   66000000
CPU:   MPC8260 (HiP3 Rev 01, Mask C.2 6K23A) at 198 MHz
Board: EST PSI8260
DRAM:  64 MB
Using the visionICE emulator, got the following exception:
!HALT! - [msg90003] Target Stopped for unknown reason; PC = 0x00000200
Upon debugging, it was found that the code stops running after a couple
of instructions 
into ram in the assembly code segment of "in_ram" in the
"cpu/mpc8260/start.S" in the
u-boot source directory. 
The snippet of code is below:
         * Relocation Function, r14 point to got2+0x8000
         * Adjust got2 pointers, no need to check for 0, this code
         * already puts a few entries in the table.
        li      r0,__got2_entries at sectoff@l
        la      r3,GOT(_GOT2_TABLE_)
        lwz     r11,GOT(_GOT2_TABLE_)
        mtctr   r0                                       /* not updating
correctly */
                                    <--------------------- /* tried
adding sync and isync here */
        sub     r11,r3,r11
        addi    r3,r3,-4
                                   <---------------------- /* tried
adding sync and isync here */
1:      lwzu    r0,4(r3)
        add     r0,r0,r11
        stw     r0,0(r3)
        bdnz    1b
Since the "mtctr r0" is not updating properly, isync instruction was
given at the 2 places
mentioned above. But, this redirects the Program Counter to exception
0x00000200, either 
immediately after isync instruction or after a executing a single
instruction. Please note that
the icache is enabled.
Is it anything to do with Instruction pipelining, or do I need to look
into any specific Core
register configuration. 
Kindly let me know what is going wrong here.
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