[U-Boot-Users] cpu POST hang

Brandon Clarke bmclarke2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 02:43:57 CET 2006

Hey All,

I'm tyring to incorporate the u-boot cpu POST (cpu_post_test) into a custom board using an MPC8541E running the latest uboot version, and the board hangs when this particular POST test is run.  Digging a little deeper I found that the system hangs in the cpu_post_exec_12 in the /post/cpu/asm.S file.  Below is the code:

/* void cpu_post_exec_12 (ulong *code, ulong *res, ulong op1, ulong op2); */
        .global cpu_post_exec_12
        mflr    r0
        stwu    r0, -4(r1)
        stwu    r4, -4(r1)

        mtlr    r3
        mr      r3, r5
        mr      r4, r6
        blrl                          <-----------------hangs here

        lwz     r4, 0(r1)
        stw     r3, 0(r4)

        lwz     r0, 4(r1)
        addi    r1, r1, 8
        mtlr    r0

I commented out the first branch and the entire cpu post ran without hanging the system again.  I need to incorporate this test into my board, but I don't want to comment this code without fully understanding it's functionality.  Has anyone done any work on the cpu POST for an MPC85xx and run into similar problems and can someone point me to where I can find more details on what this code is doing?

Brandon Clarke

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