[U-Boot-Users] Porting project to u-boot 1.1.4: compilation error.

Nekto Peresmeshnik peresmeshnik at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 11:42:01 CET 2006

Hello, community.

I need your advice.

I'm porting u-boot to new (not supported by u-boot) 8247A based board. I
began with the previous u-boot, release 1.1.3, and built our project.
Yesterday I moved the project to u-boot release 1.1.4 and since I have the
compilation failure:

common/libcommon.a(env_flash.o)(.text+0xe8): In function `saveenv':
/home/seva/tools/u-boot-1.1.4/common/env_flash.c:332: undefined reference to
undefined reference to `flash_sect_erase'
undefined reference to `flash_sect_protect'

In the project's header file I've defined CONFIG_COMMANDS as:


During debug I've found that the file cmd_flash.c doesn't compile at all.
Above the meaning code I inserted next lines for test purpose:

#include <common.h>
#include <command.h>


Then I've seen that compilation passed but resulted object:
1. Not  empty, `ls` output is:
-rw-r--r--  1 seva users 17856 2006-01-03 11:18 common/cmd_flash.o

2. Has not symbols at all, output of `nm` is empty.

I tried to remove space in "#if (...)" statement, between "if" and left
bracket, but this didn't affect. I tried also change statement to "#if
(CONFIG_COMMANDS != 0)" but this didn't work too, the compilation passed for
the file "successfully".

Please advice. Where the problem could came from? Where am I wrong?

More about the compilation environment:

Toolchain is ELDK version 3.1.1 Build 2005-06-07
Linux is SuSE 9.3
Project configured as 8260, in the Makefile:

P110_config: unconfig
    @./mkconfig P110 ppc mpc8260 P110

Compiler's string for the file:

ppc_82xx-gcc -g  -Os   -fPIC -ffixed-r14 -meabi -D__KERNEL__
-DTEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000 -I/home/seva/tools/u-boot-1.1.4/include -fno-builtin
-ffreestanding -nostdinc -isystem
/opt/cross/usr/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/ppc-linux/3.3.3/include -pipe
-DCONFIG_PPC -D__powerpc__ -DCONFIG_8260 -DCONFIG_CPM2 -ffixed-r2
-ffixed-r29 -mstring -mcpu=603e -mmultiple -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -c -o
cmd_flash.o cmd_flash.c

Thanks and sorry for my poor English.
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