[U-Boot-Users] Flash erasing problem

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jan 5 15:45:12 CET 2006

In message <200601051519.28464.takacs.aron at infracont.hu> you wrote:
> I have the sources, and I'm looking for it, but I haven't find it yet. Any 
> hints?

Check if they are using the CFI flash driver (which they probably are
not doing) - is there a CFG_FLASH_CFI_DRIVER in  their  board  config
file  (include/configs/<boardname>) ? If not then they probably use a
custom driver, checke board/<boardname>/flash.c

> > Unfortunately they never bothered to submit their code  back  to  the
> > public  source  tree. All I know is that Detlef Vollmann once (August
> > 2005) mentioned that there is some port, but  he  never  submitted  a
> > patch either.
> It can be downloaded from www.toradex.com.

Where exactly? And what do they provide? A clean patch?

Putting some snapshot somewhere  on  the  web  is  not  the  same  as
submitting any code back to the original project.

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