[U-Boot-Users] Suggestion on flash init

Nuno João (Ext_NBS) nuno.joao-ext_nbs at siemens.com
Thu Jan 5 17:20:55 CET 2006

	I am using the CFI driver (as it is in u-boot 1.1.3) with Spansion
	flash chips (S29GL512N11xxx: 2 x 16 bit chips, 32 bit port). I had
	no problems; I can do all the usual operations.

	My config is:


#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS     1       /* number of banks */
#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT      512     /* sectors per device */
#define CFG_FLASH_ERASE_TOUT    1024000 /* Flash Erase Timeout (ms) */
#define CFG_FLASH_WRITE_TOUT    500     /* Flash Write Timeout (ms) */



=> flinfo

Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (32 x 16)  Size: 128 MB in 512 Sectors
 Erase timeout 16384 ms, write timeout 1 ms, buffer write timeout 4096 ms, buffer size 32
  Sector Start Addresses:
 F8000000 E    F8040000 E    F8080000 E    F80C0000 E    F8100000 E
 F8140000 E    F8180000 E    F81C0000 E    F8200000 E    F8240000 E

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Wang Jian wrote:
>>In message <20051225190658.F3F9.LARK at linux.net.cn> you wrote:
>>>I have tested cfi_flash.c for a while. Unfortuanately, it fails for
>>>Spansion S29AL016M. The chip can be recognized, chip information is all
>>>correct, but the erase and write routines fail.

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