[U-Boot-Users] Linux stops at turn_on_mmu when jumping to start_here

Jose França (Ext_GTBC) Jose.Franca.Ext at siemens.com
Mon Jan 9 11:19:22 CET 2006


	I hope this subject isn't too much off-topic, but i'm stucked... I read the FAQ's and searched in the mailing-list history for an answer, but still i can't make it work and so i'm asking for your help.
	The situation is this... I am develloping the bootloader and kernel for a board based on mpc8247:

		- u-boot is almost fully configured and running well
		- bd_t on u-boot and on linux have the same definitions
		- the platform header file that i created is based on rpx8260.h and i'm using m8260_setup to fill 			  ppc_md
		- CPM_MAP_ADDR and CFG_IMMR have the same value
	I don't have yet a debugger at hand, but from what i've discovered it stops in rfi instruction, when turning on MMU. Any suggestions would be most welcomed...

Many thanks for reading and many more if you respond :)!

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