[U-Boot-Users] Problem with the cfi flash driver with a x8/x16 flash configuredin x8 mode.

Txema Lopez tlopez at aotek.es
Thu Jan 12 15:03:15 CET 2006

Hi all,

Does anybody test the cfi  flash driver (cfi_flash.c) with a  x8/x16 
flash configured in x8 mode ? I'm trying to port U-Boot for a Lite5200B 
with a S29GL128N flash (CFI compliant) using the cfi flash driver. 
U-Boot detects the flash correctly but It's unable to erase or write the 
flash. In my case the following patch fix the bug but I'm not completly 
sure If It's only a bug with my configuration. Any suggestions? Could 
anybody test the patch in other architecture?

My configuration for the cfi driver is:

#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS    2    /* max num of memory banks      */
#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT    128    /* max num of sects on one chip */
#undef CONFIG_FLASH_16BIT    /* Flash is 8-bit */

And the patch:

--- ../tmp/u-boot/drivers/cfi_flash.c    2006-01-12 12:22:08.000000000 +0100
+++ drivers/cfi_flash.c    2006-01-12 13:35:11.000000000 +0100
@@ -107,9 +107,19 @@
 #define AMD_STATUS_TOGGLE        0x40
 #define AMD_STATUS_ERROR        0x20
+#if 0
 #define AMD_ADDR_ERASE_START        0x555
 #define AMD_ADDR_START            0x555
 #define AMD_ADDR_ACK            0x2AA
+int amd_addr_erase_start = 0x555;
+int amd_addr_start = 0x555;
+int amd_addr_ack = 0x2AA;
+#define AMD_ADDR_ERASE_START        amd_addr_erase_start
+#define AMD_ADDR_START            amd_addr_start
+#define AMD_ADDR_ACK            amd_addr_ack
 #define FLASH_OFFSET_CFI        0x55
 #define FLASH_OFFSET_CFI_RESP        0x10
@@ -1111,6 +1121,9 @@ ulong flash_get_size (ulong base, int ba
         info->flash_id = FLASH_MAN_CFI;
         if ((info->interface == FLASH_CFI_X8X16) && (info->chipwidth == 
             info->portwidth >>= 1;    /* XXX - Need to test on x8/x16 
in parallel. */
+            amd_addr_erase_start = 0xAAA;
+            amd_addr_start = 0xAAA;
+            amd_addr_ack = 0x555;

Best regards,
Jose Maria Lopez.
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