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> Our MPC8260 based customs board's flash configuration is as follows
> Flash Bank      Base Address            Make                    Number of flashes per chip size           Total size
> CS0             0xFE000000              M29W040B                2  0.5MB   1MB
> CS1             0xFE800000              AM29LV160BB             2  2MB   4MB
> 1. Is is mandatory that CS0 and CS1 to be contiguous?


> 2. what should be the value of  CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS? 2 or 4? 


> 3. If for a board, CS0 has "n1" number of flash chips connected and CS1 
> has "n2" number of flash chips connected, then what will be the suggested 
> structure of flash driver? I found that flash drivers for different board 

See existing code examples.

> does not consider the number of physical flash chips present in a board. 

Some do (those which need to), some don't (those which doen't need).

> 4.Is there any reference board which has multiple flash chips connected 
> both to  CS0  and CS1? 

Yes, several.

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