[U-Boot-Users] [Patch 1/5] Add support for AT91SAM9261EK board

Lacressonniere Nicolas nicolas.lacressonniere at rfo.atmel.com
Mon Jan 23 13:56:15 CET 2006


I forgot to attach the file...

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Subject: [U-Boot-Users] [Patch 1/5] Add support for AT91SAM9261EK board

The five following patches adds support to build the AT91SAM9261EK board
(USB, LCD, NandFlash and DataFlash support)

These patches are applied against the 1.1.4 release and should be applied in
numerical order.

This patch (1/5) adds support for ATMEL AT91SAM9261EK board.

Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere 23 January 2006
* Add support for ATMEL AT91SAM9261EK board (arm926ejs)
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