[U-Boot-Users] uboot doubts ?

Maximus john.maximus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 07:52:35 CET 2006

   I am using u-boot. i want to write my own protocol and add a few
commands to u-boot for my custom board.

 I want to send packets and recieve packets (UDP).

 I followed the example as given in tftp.c and am able to send packets.
 using NetSendUDPPacket.

 I did not understand the following:


   What do the following do ?.

   NetSetTimeout (TIMEOUT * CFG_HZ, TftpTimeout);
   NetSetHandler (TftpHandler);

   All i could make sense it after the timeout, TftpTimeout is called.
   Is it called under all circumstances or only based on specific
circumstances. ( Say if i get a packet. i may not want it to be
called). i could not understand beyound this.

What is the precision of the timeout value. are milliseconds allowed ?

 Am i right ?.

 Why do we require an handler.  what does  NetStartAgain (  ) do ?.
Where does it start again ?. if i want to use it - what should i keep
in mind. any variables need to be taken care of ?.

  What does   NetState variable in net.c do ?

 I could manage to write a send routine. but recieve i am not able to
understand the code.
  I  just want to recieve packets and take some actions (just like a server).

 are there any examples for doing this. suppose i dont get a packet
say within 1 sec. i may want to do some other thing ?. is it possible
in u-boot.

I am a dull idiot. I dont understand easily. Please be elaborate in
your answers.

Thanks for Your time. i would appreciate any responses.

Thanks once again.

With Warm Regards,

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